What Makes a Succesful Influencer?

Remember that group of classmates who were notoriously known for getting stoned at every opportunity? Or maybe like me, you were one of those individuals who chose to hotbox their car rather than socialize during lunch. Considered lazy and unambitious we were slowly paving the way for our future career paths.


Thanks to the wild spread of social media technology and accessibility to video and textual content, those young connoisseurs of the controversial plant were able to spread their relationship with Mary Jane. Not surprisingly there were many others who had a common interest and began to share their stories as well.


Then emerged social media influencers. It could be fate, it could be perfect timing but the growing popularity of cannabis brands and cannabis influencers seemed like the perfect match. They’ve become the who’s who in the cannabis industry and brands flock to these influencers to promote their products and attend events.


I recently had a sesh with a well-known cannabis influencer in California who asked not to be named as she didn’t want to disclose her earnings. But in just 2017 she promoted for 12 brands from beauty products to events and has earned $60K in the first half of the year. She was able to leave her retail job late last year and is loving her new career. “Now not all influencers make that kind of money.” she stated, “I think I got really lucky.”


The question is how long will influencers be around and what is it that makes a successful influencer?



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