Best Cannabis Strains to Help With Focus

How many reading this really struggle with focus? Multitasking has become the norm and many of us just don’t know when to put the phone down and on Do Not Disturb. And let’s be frank we all have some kind of fear of missing out…or what I like to call FOMO.

But, no worries! Weed is here to save the day!

Contrary to popular belief that weed can make you lazy and distracted, it can actually help you focus if you choose the right strain.

Through years of “self-experimental research”.  I have 3 go-to strains if I really need to buckle down and get things done. They each affect my concentration a bit different which works well because we don’t always focus the same way.

Cinex is a strain that came across my desk this past year and I couldn’t turn down the offer to test it out. I broke the seal on my pre-packaged jar of Cinex and the smell of skunk with some earthiness crept out. While breaking up the buds the smell really arrived and it even had some hints of citrus or pine. The smoke was smooth and uplifting.


Cinex helps my mental balance while managing multiple tasks when I have to.

Blue Dream while not my favorite is extremely effective for those who are active or have active jobs. I always smoke Blue Dream on a hike or a long bike ride. It gives you that extra push to get your mind focused and body physically engaged. I say it’s not my favorite strain because I will avoid it if I know I will not be moving around. Otherwise, you may experience paranoia.

Sour Diesel is one of my personal favorites. Being sativa dominant, it gives just enough indica to sit and complete a task without being couch locked. But all that sativa arises and actually opens your mind. When I have to accomplish a task that requires my full and detailed attention Sour Diesel is my best asset. I can move on from minute tasks with confidence which increases my productivity.

Smoking may not be your thing. You can also ingest weed through edibles, tablets or tinctures. With edibles, there are many different food forms of weed you can buy from your local collective. You would want to choose something low dosage, with respect to your tolerance, and low in sugar so you don’t get that sugar crash from eating an entire bag of THC infused candy.

When I am in a place where I can’t light up a joint and need to get focused I will usually reach for a Quigley’s Cannabis Shot. I usually carry one with me since they are fairly small and plus you feel the effects of the THC pretty quick. Quigley’s uses a patented technology that allows the THC to get absorbed into your body faster.


If you are new to choosing weed for your focus any low dose edible or sativa is a good starting point. Try a few different strains and forms of ingesting and find what works best for you.

Next Week: How Multitasking Effects Productivity & How Weed Can Help.

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