Hakuna Supply & GNUGS – No More Worries

Maybe its just me, but forget the 60s and 70s, the world of cannabis is way different than it was even two years ago. Shady shops are becoming far and few between as legalization takes effect and even the stoners themselves seem to be more in tune. We no longer settle for any random strain we can get on the low, we want quality flower with a name we can behind it we can trust like G Nugs. I would like to propose we have evolved from stoners into “cannabis connoisseurs” just because it sounds fancier. Even so, we still fall into the same stoner struggles like having too much to carry and losing it all. Annnd that’s where Hakuna comes in. Their stash boxes make our connoisseur lives a breeze.

Hakuna 18The Best Cannabis Experience
So what’s all this newfangled flower I am talking about? Enter G Nugs, from the cultivators over at G Farmalabs. From the outside, you instantly know it’s not just any other cannabis you are getting. The jars have been custom labeled for each strain to make them a little more fun. Once you screw off the cap, you’ll notice a seal to guarantee freshness straight from their grow. No, And then popping open….man oh man…The nugs are definitely fresh and they call these things “G Nugs” for a reason because these nugs are huge. Can we talk for a second about how sticky these things are, so be extra prepared when you are about to roll? There are tons of strains to choose from, so you will never get bored of trying them out, you know the whole “connoisseur” thing. In short, it’s the best cannabis experience.

Hakuna 11

Hakuna 13

The Crux

Even the best cannabis experience has its downfalls. You still have to carry around rolling papers, pipes, grinders, lighters. As if our life wasn’t confusing enough after we toke, we have to remember all this stuff too. I can’t even tell you how many times of lost my lighter or “traded” it with a friend. And I am like some that like to show off when I roll a blunt, so it’s the worst to me when I don’t have my blunt filters around for that added touch. But I found a better way!


No More Worries

Just like the scene from Lion King where Rafiki holds up Simba for all of Pride Rock to see, the perfect solution sang out to me. Hakuna Supply Stash Boxes! At last, with Hakuna’s Original Black Boxes, I had the perfect four compartment setup to hold all my gear, with each one being the perfect size to hold something unique. It fits my G Nug Eighth Jars as though they were made to be stored in it, and my roll of hemp wick and grinder become effortless to transport. The top is recessed a little bit add more space to fit things vertically and I like to use it to store some rolling cards. And the top makes for a large enough are to spread your rolling gear out on to get going. Sometimes as a cannabis connoisseur I don’t want to roll my G Nugs, I just want to make things easy and smoke a bowl. Hakuna’s Black Box is super versatile because it lets me take out the dividers for the compartments and adjust it to fit larger items like pipes or whatever kind of crazy new thing I find that people smoke out of today. So whatever way I feel like smoking, I know these things are adaptable and can fit my needs.

Hakuna 24

Hakuna & G Nugs Are Better Together

If you are reading this and still smoking some janky stuff, take that first step in evolving into a cannabis connoisseur, get out and try G Nugs today, I promise you wont regret it. And to get going like a pro pick up one of these amazing boxes from Hakuna Supply and you’ll never forget your gear again.


Pro Tip: Type in “GNUGS20” at your HakunaSupply.com Checkout for 20% off all your gear!IMG_8515

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